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The violation is valid unless evenbalance says so.


Just because one gamehook violation turned out to be a false positive, doesn't mean all of them are ;)

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ty for the answer.


I was just wondering, because a lot of bans has been made, so i was afraid by a false positive.


So wait and see. ;)



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im lost. i have no idea what game hook is or means. i got banned and i dont know what im even being acused of doing

Thats what appeals are for.

Your ban;



Click "appeal this ban" and follow the instructions.


Your forum account has been downgraded to restricted, any further input can be discussed there.

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Hi there. I have played a pcw today, at server was created on me and have turned on a PB.


And opponent has been banned by PB wiht this gamehook.


There is information from created file sv_cheat:


[11.01.2010 21:01:44] VIOLATION (GAME HOOK) #125132: PHONixas_ (slot #2) [9bf8127ace7d2bb9fc55c98ee1e28ccc(-)]


And I see that this player has benn cauthed by PB at 18 October.



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