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Spaghetti Mayhem


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@BOTA:X, new job, inherited network - need I say more?

Congrats on the new job, how big of an office do you support?


When I started here, the Primary domain controller was MIA, never found that thing. The BDC was online though, but it was sitting in the middle of a server rack WITHOUT rack rails on it. Someone had just set it on top of an UPS with a little pink peice of padding between them.


The wireless network was secured with WEP. The internet access was just a T1. The CEO's laptop had a 5400 rpm harddrive and was running Vista, so it took 15 minutes to boot. The server room did not have a dedicated A/C, it had a fan that blew 90 degree air into the plenum space.


It's a small branch of a large company so all of this crap needed to be done professionally, but my predecessor was an old guy that had worked here forever so no one made him do shit. Until the CEO with the vista laptop fired him. wink.gif

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It's currently a 40 size (been trending the recession) used to have over a hundred - looking to expand up again.


European business with a worldwide market though so it's got fairly big scope.


LOL, MIA DC. Oh there's plenty of stacking going on inside one of our cabinets -- picture idea :P


I've been having fun with our net, it appears to be achieving a 2.8MB throughput at the moment, per connection :/ something not right there.


Ouch! pwned by a Vista user - that hurts.


I know how you feel... I gotta do the same as you this summer. Differences: 3 racks, only blue wires -_-

Don't be fooled, there may be blue, red and white cables but there isn't any colour coding :(

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I've taken to electing a certain color for anything critical. I use yellow to interconnect between switches and Red to go from the switch, to the firewall, to the uplink to the fiber optic. Even if I come in drunk on a weekend I know not to unplug something red! ;)

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I'm starting to think I need more colours, lol.


We have enormous reels of colours but I really can't be asked to sit there and cut hundreds of half metres...

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  • 1 year later...

So a year later... we cut the cables instead of buying them and spent a lot of money!


Main Comms Area From:




Main Comms Area To:





Main Comms Area (needs a paint :P, huge! and sorry for the blur):





Sub Comms Area From:




Sub Comms Area To:




New Equipment:


4 x Cisco SGE2000 Switches

7 x APC Netshelter Cable Managers

1 x Dell Poweredge 510 Server with 24GB RAM/RAID 5/8TB Storage

1 x Origin NAS 8TB

1 x APC SmartUPS


Lots of Velcro and a few Cable Ties! Only taken a year but thank f*ck it's done.

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