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Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Student Version


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Microsoft all the way for me.


I'm a network engineer so the thought of going near something like OpenOffice, while free in comparison, is very scary.


As already mentioned the conversion issues that occur are really annoying.

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It's not the patching itself that is the issue, it's the in house compliance, checking with our developers, testing patches on various machines in various departments etc and then hoping that the random sample you tested and holds

true for every other machine under your umbrella.

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Patch -> Works -> Leave


Patch -> Machine Breaks -> Fix -> Leave


All our machines should have base standardized environments within the next few months so I'm not too worry about patches breaking things (if it happens).


I think I've only had one patch break something once in 4 years, easy to fix, kept me busy for a few hours on a 500~ network.

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