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banned on rtcw 1.4


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my name is brad aka oddball

im a rtcw 1.0 player

ive been playin for a few years

today i decided to give 1.4 a try

i also play cod4 and cod5 so i kno about patches and pbsetup

i update to 1.4b and update my pb

i open up wolf, click on some beach server

it loads and says im banned

im like WTF

it says my guid is banned

this is the number it says: 6068d9f9a4e1adfe304e45b8783be7d5

so u know i am freakin out

i go to pbbans, type in my guid and get this BS

some guy wit a different ip than me, different name and SPEEDHACK?!

i didnt even kno they exist

now im banned on several servers

tha guys name is s|programmer, ive only used tha name Oddball on any game ive ever played

ALSO, it says he was banned in 2004


i jus installed 1.4 today

ive had this pc for years

it says he lives in tha united kingdom


i live in tha united states

help plz



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Looks like a widely leaked key to me.


You'll need to buy a new copy of the game - however, if you did buy the game and that is your key then I'd suggest you reinstall your system as it's likely you have malicious software installed.


Either that or you did on a previous OS (if reinstalled since key was leaked) or you shared it.


Don't go buying a key from a CDKey site either as these are usually widely distributed.

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There is a known bug with RTCW, its been known about for ages.


The Bug:

When installing RTCW for the first time you enter the cd key off your game jewel case when prompted.

So far, so good.

When you patch the game / enable punkbuster, the cd key magically changes to a key that is completely different.

This in turn generates a pbguid of 6068d9f9a4e1adfe304e45b8783be7d5, which shows as having tons of aliases / IP's / and players from all over the world, mostly victims of the same "game bug"


The solution:

Once you have installed / patched the game.

Go to the options menu and check the entered cd key, I guarantee that it reveals a different cd key than the one you entered off your game jewel case.

Simply change the cd key shown, to the correct one, and you should be good to go.

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i jus installed windows on my new harddrive

i put in my wolf cd (i did buy tha game), and it fails at 99%... corrupt installation file*


so i download wolf from a site and put in my cd key, ive never ever given my key to anyone

all went well, mayb cuz tha game iznt mine?

itz my cd key, i can take a pic of my case lol

and i dont hav any viruses cuz its a fresh install of windows xp


ur rite!!!!

tha cd key is different

thx so much, ill change it now

omg thx

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Read Fozzers' post just below my original one (didn't know this was caused by a game bug).


Recommend you don't take a photo of your game key, that's distribution and it will end up in your real key being banned - if a hacker uses it.

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lol i kno tht

i wuz jus tellin u im tha real deal

and thx soooooooo much

i aint banned

i thought pb wuz shitty software

i guess im a lil rite

hehe jk

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i thought pb wuz shitty software

i guess im a lil rite

hehe jk

You're perfectly right to be honest, it has it's flaws but comparatively it's better than other solutions out there and it's got flexibility.

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u kno tha wolf 1.0 pb?

well it has banned more non-hackerz than actual hackerz

so many cvar shit

other than that, pb for cod is good

wut duz it mean wen pb kickz u for not allowed driver or wutever, i used to get that in cod4 ALL tha time



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Your original issue has been sorted.

If you have queries of a different nature, please start another topic after you have exhausted the forum search feature :P

Topic closed.

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