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Possible Hacker..!


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4 days now I'm coming across a player called removed in the BLOODSTEEL server (actually I see him 15min ago tonight). Just one shot and your dead. He's playing with assault, but always know where re u. I was using support with the mini UAV to see, how he reacts. I was going to the left, he was waiting. Suddenly I was changing my direction , almost the same time he was changing his position. After he was jumped from one building (almost instant), one shoot and u re dead. But the suspicious thing is his id. Outside the game when the list of the players comes out I can see removed, inside the game his id is removed||*. Is he a HACKER?

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player alias removed
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We dont do witchhunts here :P

If you think this player is dodgy and he plays regularly on the same server you do, ask the server admin to keep an eye on him.

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