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-opinion- government to licence internet?


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I Personally was outraged when i read this article and i would love to hear opinions on it ...


apparently the Microsoft corporation is lobbying to have government issue licenses to internet users -and users would have to install software that allows government to access anyone's computer, internet use would be a "privilege " that can be removed from anyone they don't agree with

quote :


"The system would require mandatory installation of software that would to allow government access to each user's computer. Furthermore, having government licensing of Internet access would mean that federal authorities would have complete power of dictating who can use the Internet and when."


link to article 1

article 2


i would love to hear opinions on this as in America this means the first amendment and privacy goes out the door


supreme court to rule on free speech :



anyone with opinions please post them {follow forum rules but don't hold back be honest and forthright}

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I see this one bringing outrage from both the left and the right, if it would ever get that far. Congress has a great ability to argue a lot and accomplish nothing. The idea is outrageous, but I'm not going to lose sleep over the idea yet.

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This is probably Microsofts next attempt at combating piracy.


The methods they are using at the moment must be failing so someone in an office somewhere has decided "I know, let's ask everyone to buy a license for the internet, that should work".


I think their would be too much outrage from everyone that uses the internet to allow this to happen.

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I see two scenarios that would happen with this argument.


1. Microsoft would take a huge hit from customers as they would not buy any MS product from them again. Plus, MS would be sued by many people to set an example of the corrupt organization.


2. If this were to go through, then even congressional leaders would have their emails and internet traced as well and they would not be for that. But, knowing them they would put a clause in it to exempt gov't officials. But, that would not last long because voters would remove these politicians at the next election and put in people to repeal it.


So, either way, there would be major legal issues that resonate from this and it would be deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge almost immediately. This is a major rights violation. It would violate privacy laws, free speech laws, freedom of choice laws, etc. Congress would not do this as it would be a major disaster both politically and economically.

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all very good points and i love the set sail for fail that made my day :D

it brings me great pride to know that regardless of the laws that they make that the citizens are still united - no ones screaming "save me from bin laden"

i seen a article that talked about gun regulations and it polled for opinions as to whether people wanted handgun laws to be inplemented and almost every vote across the us on the survey said NO sighting of article i see this as yet another attempt of government trying to topple the constitution but the people standing up united and refusing it , somehow i sleep better at night knowing the citizens are protecting eachother even if government and coorporations attack us i would rather that outcome than the reverse any day -

the french revolution led to the adoption of a constitution after king Louie the 16 was removed from power in the storming of the Bastille era where , during the constitution-less era " age of great terror started " where 16000+ people were killed via guillotine in a 6 month period

or in Germany when Hitler convinced the chancellor to drop Germanys constitution due to the "threat " and we know where that went

-united we stand divided we fall -



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