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Classic vs Modern Hardcore Gaming


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I pre-ordered DCS: A10 to get into the beta. Full of bugs as you would expect with early builds - but they seriously have the accuracy of the simulation down to the letter. There is a certain thrill in flying a sortie from startup, to fencing in, to deploying ordnance and landing to shutdown. I just don't get that kind of thrill from mainstream FPS games any more. They even modelled the targeting pod down to the IR laser being visible in your NVGs at night. I love attention to detail, and this game has it in bucketloads.

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yeah i remember playing chuck yeager on my old 286 with awesome 14" CGA monitor :lol:


oh oh and SWOTL or "Secret Weapons of the Lovewaffle" as we called it







i have a logitech x30 around here somewhere....

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