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Two streaming AC organisation?


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I got a few quetions about streaming!!!


1. Can a have two streaming AC organisation on my server???

My server is streamed on gv and a wonna to be streamed on pbbans also!!


I wonna stream to pbbans but im scared to owerrite the other AC organisation pbsv.cfg


Is there a some FAQ for that?


And aslo a wonder, is it necessary to have Sreamnig application(streaming account on pbbans) for pbban to stream my server, or is enough to only stream my server without streaming account???


Ty alot xD

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It is indeed possible to stream to more than one organisation that uses UCON for streaming. That includes us and GV, as well as a few others.


There is a set up guide in the information center that explains how to set up streaming without replacing your config files. Look up the RCON setup specifically :)


It is necessary to have a streaming account here in order for you to stream your servers. We do not offer a streaming service for those that do not have an account.


Hope this helps :)

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TNX alot m8


And can i have account without entering clan or clan website?? because i dont have it :(


And i dont know how to create website and rosters and that stuffs!!! , i just wonna to have pbbans to stream my server!!


Is that possible?

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