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"Game Over" for on-line Cheaters


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"Halo: Reach" developer Bungie, meanwhile, has taken things a step further, implementing an automated system that detects certain signals and patterns characteristic of cheaters, and bans those players. It's still an imperfect method, though, and one that has resulted in many false positive bans that had to be reversed (such as people who experienced network lag midway through the game, tricking the system into thinking they quit since they were losing).


wait, so, rage quitting is a bannable offense to bungie?

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wait, so, rage quitting is a bannable offense to bungie?



We see rage quitting all the time. Autobalance can not keep up with the players leaving game near end of round because they are loosing. I have seen bans where player on loosing team let rage get the best of them and their text chat shows it. I say to them Grow-up, someone needs to loose. Let the Admins sort out these rage folks and make game developpers and anti-cheat developpers do all they can to keep honest players in the game by eleminating CHEATERS.

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yeah, there is no way i am staying in a cheat ridden game where it is 6v1


not going to be there in a straight up game 6v1


the only time i play online is with buds...so, 6v2 would be me and a stubborn friend :P

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