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reactivate server please


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Please reactivate this server I finaily fixed the issue. It ia a MOH Game.


Please be aware that when you fix your issues re a none streaming server, if the server is already added to your team account, streaming will kick in instantly.

If the server has not been added to your team account you may experience a short delay before its actually added to your team account.

You can tell by the colour code if the server is sitting in a queue waiting for a staff member to ok it.


You can check a servers actual streaming status at any time, using the server checker on our main website (left side menu);

server checker.png

or by using the MSi link here;



Your team account currently looks like this;


Team: Kill or be Killed Elite (-KbK-)
Account ID: 1028
Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1)

Server List
MOH - (Streaming)



Streaming nicely.

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