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I apologize for my earlier rant, it was misdirected and ill timed.

I have had a hard time getting my BFBC2 server setup and streaming (4Days)

I am not too proud that i cant see when i am in the wrong.

So i apologize.

I also would like to thank PBBans Staff member Everson, for having the maturity to see a frustrated fella and ignore his ignorance and extend a helping hand, that took a hell of a fella.

PBBans is blessed to have a fella of this caliber, and patience level.

He put my rant aside and offered to help and spent the day helping me meet the requirements and helping me understand what was wrong on my end.

I thank and salute you Everson for your help and wisdom, and for stepping up when most would not have responded so well, your top shelf in my book brother.



Lawrence Shimer,

aka, Ap3x-Pr3dator [-LG-] Clan Founder

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I already aplogised in a sideline chat for calling him a whiner and I'm doing it here as well.


Its all to easy to do when at least half the posts I see on the forums each day are from people who don't take the time to look first, then post...or just don't want to make the effort.

I don't know anything about CPanel or how it works...all I know is that I never had a problem setting up streaming and that its really not that difficult...I just use the rcon console in programs such as Guardian or ProCon,it just takes a few minutes of time and patience.

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much respect goes to everson and Ap3xPr3dator ,respect to everson for the way he handled this ,excellent man managment ,and of course respect to ap3xpr3dator for stepping up to offer his apology

group hugs all round :P


Thank You Vader

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