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Do NOT Choose WolfServers.Com


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I don't have access to the GS area so I hope this would be alright to post here.


I attempted to contact the BBB but they would not accept my claim unfortunately. Spamming the 50 forums that I regularly visit will have to do instead.


Wolfservers is a complete scam. To put it simple, they took our money and will not give it back. Our team, tG2, had over $100 in donations that were given by clan members put into a ''Teampay'' system they have. No where on their website does it say that this money is not refundable as it has not actually been put towards a server of any type.


We have no reason what so ever to stay with WolfServers as our main game is Call of Duty Black Ops. After the way they treated us, I will not be returning to them in the future.


I personally has to virtually beg them to update our TeamSpeak 3 server. This act alone was like pulling teeth. However, when done, they were able to lock down many features that many clients of theirs undoubtedly took advantage of such as the Maximum Client feature, which at anytime a client could have changed it from a 10 slot TeamSpeak 3 server to a 512 server without Wolfservers knowledge, and the Transfers, where a person could host full movies if he so choose for everyone in the world to download. What is worse, I was the one who had to gather all of the information for them to update it. They made me be their lackey without any compensation what so ever.


GameServers is one of the few other companies that does offer ''TeamPay'' as well and they DO issue refunds. I would highly recommend them over WolfServers or any other company for that matter.


Here is the second ticket that I submitted on the subject and some of the crap that they made me go through.


team Get Good Submitted: 09/10/2010 06:40:40 am Opened Ticket I have approached this issue before. The TeamSpeak3 server is our of date, at least the DB files are. It kind of sucks paying for a server that we cannot use ALL of the features. I wouldn't care if you have to change my IP and move me to a new server install so we can get a current version of TS3 server with an updated DB so we could use all the settings. I just would like you to keep my port the same.



Steve Cossette Submitted: 09/10/2010 08:30:10 am Closed Time between events:

1 hr 49 mins The server has been updated.



team Get Good Submitted: 09/10/2010 11:16:17 am Reopened Time between events:

2 hrs 46 mins Ticket reopened



team Get Good Submitted: 09/10/2010 11:17:46 am Time between events:

1 min Obviously you read nothing on my original post.




insufficient permission modify power



I am still getting this error when I try to use different features of the server.





Steve Cossette Submitted: 09/10/2010 11:26:05 am Time between events:

8 mins The only way I can fix it is by starting another server on another ip, you'll get another port. But doing so you lose everything is that ok?



team Get Good Submitted: 09/10/2010 12:02:01 pm Time between events:

35 mins No, I want to keep my port. There shouldn't be any reason why I cannot keep the port on another IP.


I am guessing it's cause we are all sharing the same db right? So this also means you are not giving full TS3 access to everyone who is paying you to mantane their TS3 servers. This is really unacceptable and should be addressed immediatly.


What you're doing is something like buying a new Bugatti for original retail price of 1.75 million that comes with a 8.0 L W16 quad-turbocharged 1,001 brake horsepower but with out your knowledge driving off the lot with a DOHC 1.9 L 4L P.O.S. engine.



Steve Cossette Submitted: 09/10/2010 12:32:29 pm Time between events:

30 mins Well, no.... that's how TS3 reselling works, that's how everyone does it, if you want your own you'd need to get a virtual server then you'll have full control over it.



team Get Good Submitted: 09/10/2010 01:07:49 pm Time between events:

35 mins No it isn't eorality servers for example doesn't do it like that. The problem is here that 20 updates ago, you didn't care enough to update the db. You just added the files and called it good which means features that are accessible inside of the client its self would not have any db entries to connect to or refer to. I would suggest you go into the public teamspeak English channel and check on this to confirm what I am telling you. There are admins who made TS3 there that will tell you that your setup is not setup correctly.


If you can reinstall it on a new server, why can't you just fix the current server?


How much more a month is a VPS through you?


Another option is to charge me 96 dollars for something, then send my 96 dollars to my paypal so I can go to another hosting company.




Steve Cossette Submitted: 09/10/2010 01:44:33 pm Time between events:

36 mins So if I reinstall the server just for you, what do I tell all the other clients who lose everything?



team Get Good Submitted: 09/10/2010 04:03:10 pm Time between events:

2 hrs 18 mins You tell them that they are now getting the full range of services that they should have been getting 3 months ago. Or you can go into the DB and fix it. No one will lose their settings. At some point you will have to do work. Sorry. There are SQL scripts to do this for you. Later versions do all these db updates automatically.


Person to talk with in TS3 if your interested in getting assistance would be Screech in English Talk -1- in the public server IP voice.teamspeak.com:9987. If he cannot help you, he will know who can.


You should not be opposed to fixing something that is wrong with your services. Because none of your other clients may have come to you yet with these issues doesn't mean that you should allow the one client who knows something about what their buying and who intends to use their TS3 to all its potential to go with something that is obviously broken because you failed to run the proper scripts and read the readme 15 updates ago.


When I go get my oil changed I expect Jiffy Lube to also put on the engine cap and replace the fuel filter when they are done. Otherwise what's the point? Same thing does apply here. You have to do the work when you support a beta client like TS3.



Steve Cossette Submitted: 09/10/2010 05:35:01 pm Time between events:

1 hr 31 mins I might have found something, except that requires access to the serveradmin interface. Problem with that is that when we took over Wolfservers, they didn't give us that password.


But there might be a way to recover it, I am working on it. Has to do with the control panel devs though so I don't know if I'll get an answer before the weekend is over.


I'll keep you updated.



Marcus Ott Submitted: 09/10/2010 05:55:29 pm Time between events:

20 mins Forwarding the recovery method to your e-mail steve.



Steve Cossette Submitted: 09/11/2010 07:56:59 am Time between events:

14 hrs 1 min Unfortunately that method didnt work, they removed the commandline reset, im still waiting for the control panel guys.



Steve Cossette Submitted: 09/11/2010 09:35:54 am Time between events:

1 hr 38 mins Aiite took a while, the database was EXTREMELY out of date, try it now



team Get Good Submitted: 09/11/2010 01:44:13 pm Time between events:

4 hrs 8 mins Alright,



insufficient permission modify power


In order to get new permissions from the DB, i_group_auto_update_type needs to be set to 3 in the normal group and the guest group needs to be set 4. I do not have the rights to do it myself or I would have taken care of it.



Steve Cossette Submitted: 09/11/2010 01:54:06 pm Time between events:

9 mins I searched on every table relating to permissions, nothing related to that....



team Get Good Submitted: 09/11/2010 01:58:05 pm Time between events:

3 mins Without the auto update type settings these server groups will not automatically get new group permissions with new builds, requiring more manual work.



team Get Good Submitted: 09/11/2010 02:00:13 pm Time between events:

2 mins When you are doing a search for that, you need to have it show names in the bottom of the of the window to find it. "Show descriptions" is a less accurate was to finding stuff.



Steve Cossette Submitted: 09/11/2010 02:01:09 pm Time between events:

0 mins Huh?


No no I was searching straight in the sqlite database



team Get Good Submitted: 09/11/2010 03:00:51 pm Time between events:

59 mins Look in tables perm_server_group and perm_channel_groups. If they aren't there that means no one has ever given those permissions. If you don't see those I will give instructions how to edit it. The server group one should deff have an id cause the SA group does as we have a 2 set. Unless your DB is so old it has

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I used to rent through wolfservers.com as well and I will second a lot of what SightUp has said.


My clan rented a dedicated server starting in November 2008, which was at that time a top of the line system. We got a good deal, were able to install games as we needed, and had very few issues. At the time, wolfservers.com was independently owned and run by Rob Sutton aka GIJoe.


In June of 2009, wolfservers.com was bought out by North American Game Technology (same group that owns Art of War Central). Before this, many of the support personal were people who also rented servers through wolfservers.com and gave support for a discount on server rental. This worked out great for them. Ticket responses were usually less than an hour, and very few issues went unresolved over 24 hours. After the buyout, I do believe many of those support personal left and were replaced by techs brought in by the new owner. Consequently response times went way down, as well as the number of solutions. Can't say how many times I would open a ticket with them for the same thing, just 2 hours after they had "fixed" the last one.


We dropped the dedicated box and went with a single bf2 server and TS3. During that time of about 2 months, our server was down about every other day and required a support ticket to get it fixed (usually just a restart of some sort). Tickets often went unanswered over 12+ hours. Our TS3 server also somehow got the database corrupted and they never could fix that. Gave up and dropped everything at that point.


A year and a half ago, I would have said hands down best provider out there, but now I would rate them probably in the bottom half of server providers.

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I made the jump from Wolf to Gameservers as well... bf2 server was crashing multiple times everyday. Long ticket responses, and a lot of negative reviews from the AoW that bought them. Not to mention Gameservers was a lot cheaper (i guess due to overloaded boxes dry.gif ) I know a lot of people don't like Gameservers, especially after the CoDBO fiasco. But I haven't had too many problems with them.

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