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|PBBHub| Player Greeting Message Problem.


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I have a COD4 Ranked server and a few days ago the |PBBHub| Player Greeting Message changed and use to be Welcome to a PBBans Protected Server.Can't figure out how to fix the Hub Greeting.


Any help would be appreciated.




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You'll need to recreate the greeting as all greetings were reset after our systems glitched out the other day.


That would explain why the Hub greeting messed up like that.


Thanks for your help.


Much appreciated.

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i have no server admin status on this site.


i am the clan founder and owner of FragFest .


The server is rented by me,i pay the costs for this server.


Please add me to the userlist of the account.


The member i put in charge of this has been gone for over 2 months now and doesn't respond at all to any of my e-mail.If this has to be done by him it is a problem for me.and i am not able to fix the |PBBHub| Player Greeting Message that got reset on my server.


Thank you for your help.

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On the Team Account it states the website is http://www.fragfest.elginbiz.com but there appears to be no active website at the address?


It's part of our streaming requirements to have an active website - do you have a new one? does it meet these requirements (http://www.pbbans.com/forums/streaming-application-requirements-t82423.html)?


If you feedback on the above we'll get you sorted as quickly as possible.

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Hi aman :)

I have updated your team account information.

You have been added to the team account.

I have set you as the master user of the team account.

The contact e-mail address for the team account has been changed to yours.

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