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I know it's not a hack but it's so annoying.

I have warned this guy hundreds of times not to TK, not to Door Block, and not to Team Bleed, and he is still doing it all the time.

I'm sick of it, and want to do all I can to get him banned from as many RTCW servers as possible, so if you could PLEASE add him to the PB Ban List, that would be appreciated.





I have been emailing off my demo's to the admin of the server I play in, and I will start to upload them here now too.

But here is the bulk of demo's that I still have. (past month maybe)

File at:



Hopefully these people are already on the PB Ban List, but if not then you're welcome.







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We only accept demo's from streaming servers. We also don't ban without valid verifiable demos, pbss, steaming md5/cvar/pb violations from streaming servers - never based on statistics or theory.




What is a Streaming server?

And a Verifiable Demo?


The demo's I have have the server IP, Time and date, and user IP's in them, in the console...

Does that not make it verifiable?


Sorry for my incompetence, but I have been out of gaming for a couple years, and the process used to be just upload a demo, people would view it, and add the IP to a Master Ban List if they are hacking. When did it become so easy for hackers who are caught to not get banned? I could get a search warrant with less evidence than this.


Please walk me through the "proper" process of catching hackers, so I can improve the quality of gaming, by your standards.


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