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Oyeah  :D



I was on earlier {when i posted this topic} , said 1 person in {me} ..it was called PBBANS , maybe a 2nd room is opened?




Figured it out, i'm on gamesurge, your on quakenet I believe..This is what I recieve when tryin to log on


As a security countermeasure, all clients connecting from *@*.cox.net are now required to give a valid ident response on connect. If you use mIRC, open mIRC options, select Connect -> Identd -> Enable Identd server. You may also need to unblock external/internet port 113 in your software or hardware firewall and/or forward it..


All info is already what they ask for,,,no idea why it keeps telling me this...

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It is there also, the only downfall is its a sep. channel compared to Quakenet...on GameSurge its an empty server....PBBANS does still exist there w\ chanserv but no joiners.....still working on the quakenet prob. I posted , all details are what they ask for yet it still blocks my connection....good thing I can atleast post here,,,irc is a pian in the A$$ :D

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ok, dumb Question....... what makes this better to use then say, msn or any other


messenger. sry but never used it. so im doin a blondie thing here.


went to the site fer IRC, did some readin.... is this what most of u all use?


ive been usin msn fer quite a long time now, with little complaints. also use vent fer meetings, besides msn.


so enlightin me perty please. lol



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Why not use gamesurge anyways? I think pb should open a channel in there too.

if i'm not mistaken, gamesurge was down for many weeks awhile back, forcing basically the whole gaming community to migrate to quakenet. gamesurge is very unreliable as well.

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