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CVG launches W.R.O.N.G award


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I'm just scanning articles on CVG and found this, did make me giggle so watch out for the following CnP



Right. That's it. It had to happen today, didn't it? You couldn't leave us be for five minutes, could you?


Hours after we stumble across evidence that Alan Titchmarsh - the high priest of anti-gaming hoopla - is rubbing his fingers all over a console and bloody loving it, someone has to lollop in and spoil all the fun.

Predictably, that 'someone' had to be Anne sodding Diamond and Matthew numpting Wright.


If you're not familiar with chunky/thin/chunky/thin Anne, she's the Celebrity Fit Club cheat who was briefly famous for being Roland Rat's co-presenter in the late '80s. Now she makes her coin writing housewife-scaring guff about being chunky/thin/chunky/thin in the Daily Mail - and billowing the stench of her opinions into Wright's gleefully oafish face on FIVE.

(Sorry, 'Channel 5'. FIVE's dead, apparently. For the sake of brand-concious clarity, it's the one that used to regularly show Shannon Tweed's breasts, and now does not.)


You may remember that back in 2008, Anne gifted us some am-I-still-in-a-job-boss-brilliant reviews of violent software in the Mail, in which she noted Dead Or Alive's "gravity-defying breasts" and said she was "stabbed to death with pitchforks amid fountains of my own blood" in Resident Evil 4.


(Unbelievably, neither of these were listed as a plus point. There was no score either, which suggests Anne took her cue from one of those artsy games sites from big America.)


What's all this got to do with video games in 2011? Anne's back, baby - castigating interactive entertainment alongside simple-stare encouragement monkey Wright. And guess what? It's every bit as codswallop-rich as you'd expect.


Except this time, we've had enough. The line is being drawn. Today, we fight back. Today, CVG launches W.R.O.N.G - a concerted campaign to stop (or at least loudly mock) the Witless and Ridiculous Opinions Of Non-Gamers.


Anyone who opens their mouth on national TV, in the papers or at a major publicly-attended event and chats absolute bull about our hobby, we're badgering you - and badging you. We'll collect up our group of W.R.O.N.G'uns throughout the year, and give you lot a leaderboard to point and giggle at around Christmas time. Imagine it. It'll be all festive and that.


In the meantime, feel free to pinch our badges, dotted around here. Stick them on your Facebook wall, or your Twitter profile. Hell, print them out and rub your erogenous zones on them if you fancy. All we ask is that you engage with us - it might just make you feel all tingly inside. More W.R.O.N.G celebrity faces will no doubt be available throughout the year. Ooooh! We could even do a sticker book!


So, why are Matthew and Anne in the firing line this time? More importantly, how could the woman who inspired so many unemployed semi-ons in 1988 be our very first badge lady for W.R.O.N.G?


Because of today's The Wright Stuff on Channel 5.


On the show, Wright invited long-forgotten US actress Stefanie 'Fading' Powers to talk about the tragic murder of 16-year-old Agnes Sina-Inakoju in Hackney, London last year - for which two 20-something gang members were tried and jailed for life this week.


Presumably, Fading Powers' lead role in knockabout sitcom Hart To Hart from about 20 years ago makes her a perfect candidate to dissect the subject and and offer informed insight. We don't work in TV, so we can't really say. No expertise, no comment. It's a good rule.


The broadcast conversation moved onto to today's sad tabloid story that a young boy (some reports say a teenager, some a nine-year-old) stored the weapons for the two gang members under his bed before the shooting occurred.


Here is what ensued on FIVE/Channel 5's Wright Stuff from there in on, verbatim:


Matthew Wright: It was one of the most shocking news reports I've ever seen. That someone could peddle up, take his machine gun out and spray people [with bullets], almost without looking at who he was hitting. [Turns to Powers]: But I guess as an American, you've seen more than your fair share of teenagers and gun stories.


Stefanie Powers: I'm afraid so. And I hate to think that as Americans we've exported along with rap music and the horrible video... I say the horrible video culture. It's the horrible violent video games [wiggles thumbs] which, I'm terribly sorry, they've been used far too long as baby-sitting devices, so that children are raised with these flashing, hot symbols of violence. And irresponsible violence; there's no responsibility to the violence.


MW: Absolutely. Which you can equate with a teenage boy who almost certainly would have played just those games, spraying a machine gun without...


Anne Diamond: Well in fact, having just that sort of armoury under his bed - just like you'd have a couple of Nintendos and a PlayStation under your bed.


MW: Yep. Yep.


SP: And it's probably that emotionally he's just as detached from the potential of this as he would be with his Nintendo.


MW: I agree. And maybe we should talk about the shoot-'em-up games again tomorrow in the light of this, because I think you're dead right.


No, Matthew, no you shouldn't. If Fading Powers was "dead right", I'll eat my R2 trigger finger. Perhaps - just perhaps - factors other than old Ice-T records and 'Nintendos' play into the horrific gang violence seen in the papers this week. And while we're at it, a teenager did not "spray a machine gun" at any point in the story you're referring two. A pair of gang members, aged 21 and 22, have been convicted. If you're going to lazily tie video games to a tragedy to feed the rabid ignorance of your slovenly audience, at least get the most basic of facts correct. Muppet.


And Anne! Oh, Anne. What in all of Skyrim were you talking about? Were you genuinely juxtaposing the cutesy idea of a young boy storing unwanted video games consoles under his bed with the image of him concealing a stash of machine guns? Why? Seriously, though. Why? How could that image possibly help any one us understand this horrendous crime any better?


Or were you suggesting - and the conversation surrounding your comment suggests this could actually, incredibly be true - that video games hardware inspired the idea of a weaponry hidey-hole? Who keeps 'Nintendos' under their bed anyway? Honestly, Anne, your Resi 4 review made more sense than this.


Please, please, please... next time just say nothing. Zip. Nada. Because now and forever more, you're associating yourselves with some of the worst perpetrators of video games-related idiocy we've ever seen. You look foolish. And it isn't cool.


And for those who perhaps believe we should just "let these insignificant idiots be", I hear you. But here's a quick fact: The Matthew Wright Show pulls in approximately 750,000 viewers a day. That's comparable to the entire number of gamers who bought Halo: Reach in the UK last year.


It ain't right. And that means there's only one word for it.




my god with all the games I've played over the years it truly is a wonder how I've never had a psychotic break and yelled "blow it out your ass" at the top of my voice for no apparent reason before jumping in my helo (cause we all have one) and spawn killing my neighbourhood...


To them... Get a clue!

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(Sorry, 'Channel 5'. FIVE's dead, apparently. For the sake of brand-concious clarity, it's the one that used to regularly show Shannon Tweed's breasts, and now does not.)


man US tv sucks.....no breasts.....


we barely have brassiere adverts with women instead of manikins or women with bras on over turtleneck sweaters....


but we have plenty of loud, self-important "pundits"

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I'm trying to decide whats more shocking...


That Anne Diamond and Alan Titchmarsh are still around...and spouting opinions ppl give a crap about...or that someone still remembers Roland Rat !!!

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No surprise, video games are usually blamed for everything that's wrong with society, even more so if it involves firearms, they got to sell papers I guess and nothing seems to grab peoples attention than the next big game that should be banned because of its violent content that will corrupt young minds.


I'm more surprised that the UK let that garbage that was called Rat Rappin' by Roland Rat into the Top 20 :lol:

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lol..there were several "novelty" songs out in that period....quite a few from Spitting Image as well.


And the music scene in general wasn't al that great. A lot of bubblegum pop/mall pop.

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I thought I'd add the extra topics from the W.R.O.N.G awards here:


Apparently GTA was the start of drive by shootings:




Now what really gets on my tits is they have no one who is actually involved in the games industry or just an average gamer on these shows to defend it. As far as they're concerned we're all gunslinging children or psychotic adults. This is rubbish!! I'd sooo love an opportunity to get in the studio with Miss Diamond and put her straight on a few issues lol. Instead of berating the games maybe they need to look at the parents who allow their kids to play 18 rated games eh?... Blame culture and scape goats springs to mind.


Then they showed the "airport scene" from MW2 an 18 rated game on morning T.V. Now tell me how they justified that?




Other then that... Ratfaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnns!

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Maybe if they want a pro- view they shoudl talk with the US D.O.D (Sspecifically the Army) who were/are heavily involved with the development of the America's Army franchise.


After reading Surfy's lnks, its obvious that these are just another bunch of talking heads using thier celebrity "status"...no matter how assumed or outdated..to pass judgement of a what has become a major passtime for a significant amount of people.


Computer or Video games (yes, I do draw a line of difference in the sand between the 2) do have an impact on lifes and society in general.

How can someone definativly say that "gaming" doesn't desensitise someone to killing others when the US military (and others around the workl) use "simulations" to train personel in all branches.

Firing arms training now-a-days involves some kind of graphics screen in which the trainee is present with options and proceeds accordingly.


All of these are COMPUTER OR VIDEO GAMES.!!

If someone can be trained to act/respond in an appropriate manner to given situations...how can someone outside of these arenas not be affected to some degree by the content of these games.

And lets face it...theres not really a need for the language or violence in these products. Its there because its a sign of our times...these are what sells.

The majority of us buy games because they are in a particular field that we endjoy (ie FPS) or a specific genre or even because its the followup to a game we liked. Games companies feel the need to increase the language and violence levels because they have reached the conclusion that they need have more of this to out do each other and make sure that we don;t skip to the "opposition".

And sometimes it does bcakfire...remember COD's litte "terrorist" slipup last year ?


Does that mean we are all on the path to becoming any one of a number of groups that end end in the term "opath" ??

No, it doesn't.

It just means that a generation of people who'se sole experience with games involved either a board and dice or an early console with Pong or Pac-man have decided thatComputer and Video games are whats wrong with thier world and why thier kids are turning out not quite how they liked.


"I'll be in my room on my computer"

"Okay...I'll call when dinner is ready"

Well...that takes care of the kids...they are indoors...safe where I know where they are.

Welcome to late 20th / early 21st century families. Maybe if those busybodies who want to pass judgement spent a bit more time with thier kids or at least took more time to at least look into what they are up-to then they wouldn't be so "Oh my god !!...Its the end of the world !!!"


I got into games in the mid 80's on the Commodore 64...and heres a throwback for fellow brits...the BBC Micro "B" and later the 128k.

I guess this means I'm a terminal case and am due for spree of wanton violnce involving bad language, sexual gratification and multiple cases of henious crimes against random persons....seeing as I haven'thad one yet.


The games haven't changed much since they first came out....the basic concept has always been the same...even since the early Pac-mans : to get ahead in the game you have to kill.!!The rest is just window dressing that reflects the times that the product is released in.

Theres's always going to be some nay-saying group out there who are opposed to anything.... I loved to listen to Mary Whitehouse rant in the 80's and 90's...so its not suprising that Miss Diamond and Mr Titchmarsh are at the forefront (they were always part of the squeeky clean set....all thats missing is Nick Owen).


This is just another fad that will pass in time...ad provide some amusement to those of us who clearly have more common sense than these ratings seeking idiots.


Apart from that...its time to go find a server to kill people on......

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I'd sooo love an opportunity to get in the studio with Miss Diamond and put her straight on a few issues lol. Instead of berating the games maybe they need to look at the parents who allow their kids to play 18 rated games eh?... Blame culture and scape goats springs to mind.


Then they showed the "airport scene" from MW2 an 18 rated game on morning T.V. Now tell me how they justified that?




Didn't really see you as the violent type Surfy :o


I agree with looking at the parents though, I don't think some parents have a clue what their kids do online nor do they care. You only have to look/listen to some of the kids on the street to know how they've been brought dragged up.


I think a lot of the youngsters have no respect for themselves so will definitely have no respect for anyone else.


When I was a kid I wouldn't dream of back-chatting my parents, now you can't even say boo to your own kids as they'll take you to court on child abuse charges. Ridiculous!

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... and it continues lol.


We're all brain dead don't you know?

CVG's W.R.O.N.G campaign continues to gather pace, with national UK TV exposure from the most unlikely of sources.


Okay, so Matthew Wright does perhaps show his true colours by calling us and our readers a "bunch of brain-dead computer nerds" on Channel 5 - fair and balanced as always - but just think of the publicity. In a way, he's become our champion.

After kicking off his Friday show, Wright and fellow W.R.O.N.G'un Anne Diamond paused for an unscheduled attack on our little campaign and all those who have spoken out in support of it. We should feel at least a little honoured, as he was making toast with Prince William's face on it at the time.


"Now, a bunch of brain-dead computer nerds seem to have a problem with you exercising your right to free speech, Anne," Wright broadcast to his audience of 750,000.


"And you," retorted Diamond. "They're having a go at both of us, aren't they? Because of what we said about computer games."


Except "freedom of speech" never really came into it, did it? Rabid libertarians, us. To refresh, our beef was more with dear Anne bizarrely linking the storage of consoles to the harbouring of automatic weapons and her dismissal of all empirical research on violence in computer games.


She continued: "I've come across these people before. If you write anything critical or say anything critical of computer games, you become a victim of really vicious hate mail."


Wright: "Yeah yeah yeah."


She's correct, you know. We gave Vanquish 7/10 and it kicked right off.


At this stage in Friday's show, Matthew showed CVG's W.R.O.N.G logos for a full 13 seconds, covering both his and Anne's faces. Genius. And here we were thinking we'd have to rely on Twitter to spread the word.


Anne added that our campaign suggests "it's like you've got no right to open your mouth on this [subject] at all and no right to be concerned as a parent".


Not true. You absolutely do, Anne. We're actually pretty concerned by the thought of parents that let regularly their kids play ultra-violent 18-rated video games - and we have no problem with you voicing your take on it.


It's when you assert expert status on the subject, dismiss research and then start making nonsense claims that things start getting our goat.


And, of course, when you clumsily and unfairly tie genuinely tragic events to interactive software - merely in the name of inane entertainment.






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