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Section 8: Prejudice


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Read about it here:




Get ranked or unranked, up to 32 slot, dedicated servers for PC and XBOX360 here:




Steam Pre-Order:




For only $13.49, I bought it. lol

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I bought the original but have played barely half hour of it.


It also uses GFWL which I absolutely despise.


I don't mind games for windows live, used it in the DOW series and GTAIV, enjoy the achievements and such same with steam. What was worse in GTA was being forced to sign into Social Club (requirement removed in a patch) then GFWL.


Being able to chat and friend xbox players with one cross platform system is a plus, and GFWL does this.


Will also be buying the game.


gameplay footage here


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single playeris good


Yep, have to agree that single player is good. Hopped into a multi game and decided thats is nothing I am interested in. Worth it for the $15.00 bucks I spent though.

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