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Banned on a server but not on the banlist


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I am banned on a server but the main admin doesn't know or understand how I am banned. He uses PBBans and I am added to the PBBans.dat file as the below image says http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=unbenanntj71q.jpg


My guid is FD28C91D3C3309D5AEC4B5CC69EA19F2 and it says "multihack" next to it. I believe this is just added by an admin through a FTP access or such. I'm saying this since I'm not on any banlist including PBB and not had any "multihack" kick from a server and have no problems on any other servers.


The admin doesn't understand how a ban can be added this way, but I'm pretty sure a ban like this is added such a way "PB_SV_BanGuid [guid] [player_name] [iP_Address] [reason]" through the webtool.


I am not asking you, PBB ban staff, to unban me but provide a way to show the admin to remove the ban and explain to him how this ban was added and how it isn't a "server kick". The server admin wants to help me but he doesn't know how to remove such a ban.


A message from an official, preferably german speaking, answer this please.


Kindest Regards,


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The GUID FD28C91D3C3309D5AEC4B5CC69EA19F2 is not on the

Master Ban Index (MBi)



i do not see you banned here





all of those bans were added at the same time and are missing info it appears


imo it appears they were manually added en masse

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