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Account re-activation

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Account ID: 2089

Name: Eliminate with Cause

Tag: EwC

Website: http://eliminatewithcause.eu/new.php

Game: COD4

Error Code: Account Inactive


We have a server up and running and are requesting to regain our rights to use your services once again

IP: Port 28960


Thank you.

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I removed the duplicate topic for you :)


I'm having some issues loading your website at the moment. Is the site still the same or have you now got a new one?


We, Eliminate with Cause, has a new website. http://eliminatewithcause.eu/news.php



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I can appreciate that you have a new website up and running, but on the flip side there are still the mandatory streaming requirements that apply to everyone for the use, and continued use, of PBBans services.


I see a forum with just 2 posts and no viewable server information on the site.

Add to the mix that your website was experiencing issues as recently as yesterday, and thats why your waiting longer than normal for a simple reactivation request to be reponded to.


Your team account is now reactivated, but I would expect a few signs of longevity to be present if an audit is carried out on your team account details some time in the future, and at least viewable server information to be posted on your homepage pretty soon.

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