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PB Needs to think


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yeah today i hear from some 1 that in the passed i hacked now PB is banning innocent ppl or what?


the thing is i absolutely hate hackers personaly i wud never pay to hack on a game its pathetic


even more pathetic than that is for me being accused of hacking my score always is shit


i got a better life either than being a noob hacking asshole like they are


really PB? personally you need to open your eyes more and start BANNING the real hackers out there


I am annoyed that PB has noted me as multihack or what ever they wanna call it


Think for a minute PB come on server and watch ppl play before you lot acuse innocents from hacking


Time for you guys to step up and have a little game see why people get annoyed for being banned


then you will notice the big picture why there is so many complaints about how PB is Runned


I will not say my name for legal reasons but im 1 of those that is upset with the way PB is Delt


If there is any1 out there feel the same way please feel free to leave a friendly message to these

inexperienced PB Personel here!...

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There is one basic ingredient needed before anyone can offer any advice or support on these forums re your issue, and that comes in the shape of a ban link or the last 8 digits of your PBGUID.


Your topic can be moved (on request) to a totally private forum section that is only viewable to you and PBBans staff members, so you can post whatever information you think is relevant to your particular issue.


Already you seem to have confused PunkBuster™ with PBBans.

As Surfy has already stated, PunkBuster™ software is made and maintained by these guys http://www.evenbalance.com

PBBans is a third party anti cheat site that is not affiliated with PunkBuster™ in any way.

If you have raised a MULTIHACK cheat violation somewhere along the line and a ban has been issued on your PBGUID, if you think a mistake has been made, you need to raise a troubleticket with EvenBalance.

Trouble Ticket Link


Here is the process we have in place here at PBBans;

Any bannable violation that is raised directly by PB software, as per this list;


#50000s - Aimbot
#60000s - Wallhack
#70000s - Multihack
#80000s - Gamehack
#90000s - 'Cheat' Video Drivers
#100000s - Speedhack
#110000s - Autofire
#120000s - Game Hook
#130000s - Attempted PunkBuster Hack


is added automatically to the PBBans MBI.

It should be remembered that EB normally apply a 2 minute kick for the above violations and its the proactive admin or 3rd party anti cheat service that apply the actual ban.

EvenBalance always have the last word when a cheat violation is raised directly by their own software, but as the actual ban is issued by PBBans.com its best practice to include us in the appeal procedure.

The player can do this by clicking the "appeal this ban" tab and following the simple instructions provided.

This will include raising a troubleticket directly with EvenBalance and that should include as much information as possible as to why the player thinks this is a "false positive".

It's always a good idea to list all processes that were running at the time the violation was raised (antivirus / chat programmes etc etc )

The key word with any troubleticket query is patience, EB get a hell of a lot of queries and response time is dependent on how busy they are.

Normal response time is 48 - 72 hours.


I have absolutely no idea of any "legal reason" why someone would withhold their online alias, but thats your choice I guess.

So ... over to you, shall we have a nice open to google and the world debate right here re your issue ... or do want to debate in private.

Personally I prefer the first option, it will give everyone with a similar issue to yours an insight into exactly how we deal with things at PBBans.

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