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Pre-order Afterfall Insanity FPS for just $1


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Indie developer Intoxicate Studios has been working on a PC first person shooter called Afterfall: Insanity. It's a post-apocalypse themed game that's being built on Epic's Unreal Engine 3. The game itself is due for release via download on November 25. While this might seem like this is a fairly generic game release, the team at Intoxicate are doing something that's fairly unique in order to get people to try their game out. The game's official web site has announced that people can now pre-order the full version of the game for just $1. This will allow people to download not just the full version of Afterfall Insanity but also the game's official soundtrack as a bonus. People can pay more than $1 to get multiple game keys which they can then give to friends.


Here's where it gets really interesting. Intoxicate Studios says that if it gets 10 million pre-orders for Afterfall: Insanity (or $10 million) by November 25, it will donate 10 percent of that amount, or $1 million, to a charity organization. If it fails to reach that 10 million pre-order goal before the game is due to be released it claims it will donate all of the money it has collected up to that point to charity. In addition, people who register with their game pre-order will get to see their names in the final credits of the game. You can check out a video showing one of the game's developers explaining more about this interesting business model below.


Can't go wrong for $1 :)




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10 Million pre-orders?


BF3 had less than 2 million in September and I hope the devs realise that putting 10 million names in the credits at the end of the game will take about 4 years for it to finish (slight exaggeration).

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Even for $1 and people buying multiple copies I don't believe they were ever going to reach the 10 million sales figure. If the game was visually as good as BF3, 6 million perhaps which means, no one was ever going to get a $1 game - you'd end up forking out the true cost minus the $1 you already paid. Tricky marketing if you ask me.

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