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Retrieve bf2 account?


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Hi, I used to use this site ages ago or come on and read stuff that was useful for when i used to play BF2 on PC :)


I not played it for years but after playing the Beta of BF3 and waiting for that to release I was hoping to get a few games on bf2 but I can't remember my BF2 name or email I used


I'm guessing this site would only be able to get my login if I cheated (i've never cheated an dont plan to) just really wanna play some bf2 on my old account but cant remember login :(


Any Idea's how i could get my account login?

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Not unless you're on an IP you used with the game. I'd hazard a guess the email you used for BF2 would've been the same one you signed onto the BF3 beta with as that was your EA account.


I used a new email for the beta an tried all my old email accounts, can't even remember my bf2 name its been tht long since i played it.

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