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Wall hack need a pbban


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That server IP and port does not stream to us, nor can we ban anyone without it streaming here.


If this is your server, feel free to apply for a team account here:




Then, if you are approved for a team account, we can then help you to get your server streaming. :)

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I found a possible person using a wall hack on a non pbbans server....


Name is speAr.>


GUID and demo are in the 7zip file on the yousendit....




server ip was


COD4 regular server, just a killhouse 24/7 server.

The server address you posted does not exist so I am guessing that you got the port wrong and the actual server address is

This server is streaming via PBBans, the procedure in cases like this is to pass all the information you have to one of the clan admins, and they can initiate the process of submitting a demo for review with regards to applying a permanent ban on the pbguid used by the player concerned.

The demo must be recorded using the "ingame" recording feature of the game concerned.

The information the team account admin needs can be passed via a forum PM.

The admin you need to contact is CIBaby - click me

Or if you prefer, you can go to the clan website and sort things out there.

The clan website is;


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So you guys only take Demo's, cause they don't show lagometer. I don't think it even shows console logs to look back for uav's was called before recording started. I prefer xfire videos. a lag spike could look like an instant aimbot

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