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Thank you, PBBans


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Hello PBBans Staff,


I just finished setting up my server with PBBans. After restarting it and inviting a friend to join me in populating it, we waited patiently over an hour for others to connect. Several did with most of them leaving due to boredom. Over that hour, six (6) cheaters had TRIED to connect but were blocked with the reasons displayed in the chat log. Once the server started to get populated, I could instantly feel the difference. I knew the people I was playing with were legit because, for the first time, my stats were positive (12 kills, 9 deaths). It made me feel so good to finally start playing against real legit gamers!


Thank you so much for your awesome service and support, PBBans! :)


I have donated $20 to your cause.





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Thank you for your support !

I am very glad you could feel the difference so evidently. It shows again that our work is actually useful and does not go unnoticed. :)

Please spread the word so we can keep the gaming world as clean and enjoyable as possible !


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Thank you very much for that glowing review of what PBBans is all about :)


Although we have thousands of streaming servers and thousands of team accounts our users frequently need reminding that we exist solely on donations from satisfied admins and members.

Your reaction to streaming a server via PBBans for the first time is exactly the reaction we hope to achieve from all who use our services, and every penny, of every donation, gets ploughed back into the upkeep of PBBans hardware and server hosting costs.

Donations are what have kept PBBans ad free since 2003, and every single donation, no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated.

The only thing that is absolutely free of charge is the time and effort that the PBBans staff put in, but it's feedback like yours that makes it all worthwhile :)

Thank you

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