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PunkBuster Server: Ban Failed


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Some trouble with this player "LuckyTox"

He still trying to connect on my server, PBB detect him but ....


(copy of log)


PunkBuster Server: PB UCON "pbbhub1"@ [pb_sv_banguid 967029f4a9ca08707bb9752345e5779b "LuckyTox" "95.24.*.*" "PBBansHub!GAMEHACK"]

PunkBuster Server: Ban Failed


PunkBuster Server: PB UCON "pbbhub1"@ [pb_sv_banguid 967029f4a9ca08707bb9752345e5779b "LuckyTox" "95.24.*.*" "PBBansHub!GAMEHACK"]

PunkBuster Server: Ban Failed


When i put manually this player in ban list of server with GUID, server him change to:


Kirby-ShiverZ Kirby-ShiverZ 174ca871d3f3195b84b4086fb0245136 PB Guid Permanent BC2! Team Killing



Something to do ? We play BF3 not BC2 :)

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Optimize the flags you have checked for your server.


If you have the "enforce bans" flag checked there is no need to have any "accept" flags checked.

This means the Hub checks every incoming players pbguid against the PBBans MBi, if the incoming players pbguid is a match, the player does not make it onto your server.

Checking the "enforce bans" flag and not having any "accept" flags checked means that valuable server resources are saved (the Hub does the checking and not the server) and the server pbbans.dat can be used to store locally applied bans that have been set by the server administrators.


If using the "enforce bans" flag it's best practice to download the PBBans banlist for your particular game, once a week, to keep on your pc as back up in case Hub streaming goes down (a very rare event but it has happened in the past)



Source info:


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