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User admit to be using cheat on BF3 Battlelog


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I would like to bring to your attention that the user names admitting to be using cheats. Also he has some very nice stats to enforce this - 799 m HS (never touched a sniper rifle), 15-20 Kills/minute, 1100% hit accuracy on PDWR - I've got an accuracy of 11,5% on M4, I really must suck :)


Player stats:


Thread where he is posting and admitting of using cheats:


Why EA has not banned him yet is a mystery. Why PBBans can't add him in the MBi is also very dissapointing.


To me this is a very solid evidense, can't we make a little exception since he is so eager to become a VIP on the MBi.



Regards, Legionary!

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do not give the llamas free publicity
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Sorry for the waste guys, I'm aware of the streaming requirement for PBBans admins to place a ban but I couldn't resist posting the deleted information anyway.


Many of us have used the Battlelog report feature and It would be great if EA could act on this little gem befor he finally find his natural way through the streaming process and end up on the MBi.



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