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streaming declined


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am new here and wanted to have my server streamed the application was Declined the reason was because the clan tag BFO already existed,

This is a private server and had nothing to do with BFO/Mockdot i placed their website so i can be contacted only as i dont have the extra money to build me a website to get the server streaming all info i supplied is correct names ip GUID etc.


If i have to get mockdot involved in this i guess i have to but what if i leave BFO then they have my server listed under them




I didn't know how to open a ticket so here you go.

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I find it quite unbelievable that despite knowing exactly why the mandatory streaming requirements are in place .... despite knowing that PBBans is the only anti cheat site that has no spoofed, fake bans on the ban list (all via forum pm) ... you are still reluctant to seek the easy option and seem rather put out that we insist on mandatory streaming requirements for every group that uses our service.


Does no one give a toss about quality any more ?


There are tons of free website options available if you care to go down that route.


The more easier option is to contact BFO/Mockdot and tell him you have a server of your own that you would like to tag on to his groups team account.

He can then add you to the groups team account admins ... you will always have control of the server, because its you that has the rcon password etc etc no matter what happens.


You should not have used the BFO website details on any application without seeking permission first .. if you had of asked, BFO/Mockdot would probably have told you that they already have an active streaming team account.


For future reference, to create a ticket you click the header tab that has "Ticket System" written on it when you open the PBBans forum link.

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Because since its a private server and not a Official one, dont think they will do this i already conatcted the staff over there.


i told you three times this its not that hard to understand and am not being rude.

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Oh i forgot am a streaming admin over at GGC no issues.



We help those that want to be helped. Some people will never understand because its about "me me" and that's fine and up to them/you but stop questioning our quality of service just because you're not prepared to put in a little effort yourself.


People seem to be blind even when the facts are in front of them. Shame really.


I started out with a freebie site from one of these two:




As I said in a recent thread, having a site is only advantageous to clans/communities, I couldn't imagine not having a one.


How other anti cheat sites run is their own perogative.

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I put in my effort myself to come here, like i stated what if am not with BFO in 3 mos then what?? you have my private server listed under BFO.


Some said dont try but i wanted to get the cheaters off the server if any they were correct.


Maybe some other time later.

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