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Ignore User Utility


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Happily found the "ignore user" function to avoid wasting time reading posts from specified users.


While I think its a great option, it looks like its an incomplete utility. Can the function be added/enabled to include, not seeing any post information from users added to the list?


For example, I've added the latest PBbans spammer - to my list of posters I dont need to waste time reading.


It does partially work, in that the users primary posts are excluded from view in individual threads, yet the users posts still show up on the index page. :scratchchin:


Sure would be great if the 'ignore user' function, would exclude all content from users added to my ignore list. Thanks.

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Hey Duality. Nice to see you too :P Not seen you in a while. Thought you'd gone the way of everson, and all the rest of the 'former satff'.


But not to worry, I wont ignore ya.

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No answer to original question from on high?


So,in conclusion:

Monthly PBbans site donation ---> good. Answer to PBbans site question ---> bad.

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