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Game Developers Scared of New Law


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Video game makers may soon be required to include warning labels on their products. A new bill introduced in the House of Representatives on Monday wants labels that warn against the potential of developing aggressive behavior on most games.


If made into law, the Violence in Video Games Labeling Act, or H.R. 4204, will impact gaming companies like Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Take-Two Interactive Software, and THQ.

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There is "potential" for all sorts of things from... all sorts of things.


Fucking paranoya. Screw the labelling. Everyone gets decensitised anyways and we become more numb in the brain as a result. What freaks out people in the 50's (e.g. the movie King Kong with that corny stop-motion photography) would scare the shit out of them if they were living now. These days nothing seems to scare or surprise anyone unless it potentially affects them directly.


If this passes, they might as well label every beverage that has alcohol in it. Like smoking, I think 50% of the label is in order. Oh but wait, let's label everything else on the market for *insert bullshit here* while we're at it too.


Never-ending cycle if idiocity. It just compounds.

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