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Any Good Games On Steam?


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You might have to check the conversion prices but I'll recommend some that you might be interested in:


Defense Grid: The Awakening - Tower defence and one of the best I've played to date, the base game has a huge amount of content for the price.




Orcs Must Die! - Also tower defence but this is a fun game to play, set your traps then unleash the horde and hope you've set them right then you can sit back and watch those orcs go splat!




S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - One of the best atmospheric FPS games I've ever played, very tough in the early stages, it is not an easy game when you first start but stick with it and you'll see just how much it shines.




Fallout: New Vegas - FPS again and one of the biggest I've played to date, the game is huge, lots of places to explore and lots of side quests too, you also get the fantastic All-American weapon later in the game, that is a superb weapon and one of my favs. You also have the deathclaw, very powerful if you face it early on, this is not recommended!!


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