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EA is Worst Company in America


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The results of The Consumerist’s “Worst Company in America” bracket are in, and as I predicted, Electronic Arts managed to beat out Bank of America for the title.


I won’t spend any more time talking about whether that’s a deserved result. I wrote yesterday that a company whose misdeeds resulted in home foreclosures and loss of income outweigh abusive DLC and DRM practices, but that’s beside the point now.


EA’s “win” here is a clear reflection of just how passionately gamers hate the brand. They flooded the Consumerists polls to ensure that they earned the top spot (over such other despised brands as Comcast, AT&T and Walmart), and you have to wonder what, if anything is going on at EA HQ today.

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I don't think we have that sort of thing here in the UK, if we did the government would be top every year!


Maybe the utility companies a close second with their continual price rises.

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EA was voted worst but Activision wasn't on the list which is an American company last I checked.


Activision's headquarters is located in Santa Monica, California 90405. Blizzard's headquarters is located in Irvine, California 92612.
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Well BoA have to turn over the money to pay for the nice headquarters buildings they have in my skyline.
And having worked in both of them...they are very nice too...so EA clearly had its work cut out for it to beat them off top spot

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I would agree but unlike BoA...Wachovia/Wells Fargo is one of the ones that went bust.


And that was after they built a brand new headquarters...literally across the road from BoA...annnnd...a nice bigger building at the end of the street (literally) which is the home to amongst other things..Duke Power (probably unheard of outside the US) and now Chiquitta Banana.

While Wells Fargo only bought a controlling interest in Wachovia...part of the deal was WF taking outright possession of this building.

If you want to talk about a bank that was living beyond its means...I would say that Wachovia/Wells Fargo(Wells Fargo had to buy them out for them to stay in business at all) outplayed BoA on that front.


Now...BoA's recent changes in its charges with regard to debit cards...NC is one of the states were they bumped it up from $8 to $12 on a trial basis without warning is BS.

In addition....if your account balance is low...(and yes, I have experienced this)...they will slip that charge in ahead of any charges you already have thus putting you overdrawn by YOUR charges and NOT thiers...and at $35 a pop for every overdrawn charge, that can quickly add up.

So..BoA...working hard to outplay the opposition there for the Asshat award.

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How preposterous, I am sure there are companies who do much worse then make games..


Found on the consumerist website *insert sarcasm before reading*



EA being voted the worst company in America in an online blog? Well this truly is the beginning of the end for them then, I doubt it's a vocal minority of bitter people online continuously voting while the rest of the world doesn't care.


+1 to him, is all I'm gonna say ;)


@xX_Renegade_Xx - I think BP would win that.

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In a statement to Kotaku, an EA rep had this to say about the company’s 1st place finish:


“We’re sure that British Petroleum, AIG, Philip Morris, and Halliburton are all relieved they weren’t nominated this year. We’re going to continue making award-winning games and services played by more than 300 million people worldwide.”


Arrogant, dismissive, and pretty much what fans expect from EA at this point. A far more appropriate statement might have been:


“We are sorry the readers of the Consumerist feel EA deserves this title. We will continue to make quality games and remember to treat our fans with respect in order to ensure this does not happen again.”


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For the second year in a row, readers of the consumer-watchdog website The Consumerist have named Electronic Arts "the worst company in America," vilifying the video game publisher more than Bank of America, Comcast and Ticketmaster (which took second, third and fourth places, respectively).


The results of the poll are hardly surprising -- even EA predicted it would repeat the dubious honor -- but they were certainly conclusive.


EA faced stiff competition en route to the championship round, besting fellow disliked companies Anheuser-Busch, Facebook and AT&T before squaring off against Bank of America in the final round of voting. BofA proved no match, however, as EA captured a decisive 78 percent of the vote to take home the not-so-coveted "Golden Poo" award. It’s the second straight "win" for EA and the second straight runner-up nod for Bank of America.

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The results





All they need is to give the customer what they want and support to back it up. Just because something works for another publisher (Yearly cod releases for example) doesn't mean it will work for you.


Telling the customer what they want instead of giving it really doesn't work. It's not rocket science, it's business 101. As an example all the complaints about suppression, blue tint, etc in BF3 is an example of trying something new that didn't go over so well and could of been addressed better (options to disable the tint as an example).

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What a load of TOSH. If EA made people homeless and shit they could drop their percentage by 55.06%.... Obviously they're doing the wrong thing providing entertainment to people which IS OPTIONAL.



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EA may get the Worst Company in America award again...





Electronic Arts has long had a complicated relationship with some of the more enthusiastic segments of its consumer base. That hasn't stopped the company from successfully introducing new IPs and posting great sales from its premier franchises, but it has translated into EA being named Consumerist's "Worst Company in America" for two years running. With Electronic Arts being no stranger to controversy in 2013, the company is once again the front-runner to collect the publication's dubious honor. Does this indicate serious issues threatening the company's long-term value or is it simply the reverberation of a fever-pitched whine from one of the most vocal minorities in consumer goods?


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