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MD5's CVAR's

Guest IcheBAN

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Guest IcheBAN

So are any MD5's or CVAR's going to be posted up for this? Or will we continue to catch people with MD5's that cant be added because even tho they are known cheat files they cant be added to the ban list?

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Guest IcheBAN

This guy was nailed for auto.u which is a very well known cheat for AA. Yet when I gave the info to the ban team here, I got a reply saying that he could not be added because you guys did not have that specific MD5 in the config index.


[02.12.2006 12:14:46] VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002: Schurke90 (slot #15) MD5Tool Mismatch: System/auto.u (len=2048) [e6b0b95ca2aeeb61b5128e7384b863bb(-)]


So I am wondering are we gonna make a start some where?

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Yes its showing in the msi now.... but it didnt do it before :)


if you want to make a start you can post all files that you kick for in the streaming game admin area

so we can have a look at them ;) or pm them to any staff

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