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advertising images for pbbans


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hi all,


this is just a suggestion and forgive my ignorance if there are already images for this purpose..


im just thinking why not make some images with someing along the lines of :


proud to stream to PBbans




dont like cheaters in your server?

stream to PBbans




always quality over quantity

PBbans keeps the cheaters out




i think you get the idea, them have linked to the homepage or signup page or whatever page you wish.


just thinking of ways to get more admins streaming...


i would be happy to put one on my homepage :D

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we use ipboard 3.3.4 for,our clan site and i cant add any banners

or i missed something

thanks you


do you mean add to your signature on a forum?


if yes change html to bbcode, im guessing that will work but you will need to cut the code down since not all html code works the same as bbcode.


heres an example....



<a href="http://www.pbbans.com"><img src="http://www.pbbans.com/images/banners/pbb_88x31.gif" alt="PBBans.com" title="Join the live banning revolution today!" border="0"></a>


heres bbcode version


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