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Strange, server admins cannot help


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On =HOG= no nade server 2000 tkt for BF3 Got a PERM Ban it seems.


The server admin tracked my GUID and said "We don't show you on the ban list, doesnt make sense that you can enter our other servers"


It only effects that one server, this is the message:


Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'Bohicafkr' ... Prior Kick/Ban


Any insight or help to rectify this would be gladly appreciated.


User Name is "Bohicafkr"

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=HOG= stream 5 BF3 servers via PBBans.

All 5 have the same flags enabled.


if your banned from only one server, that means that the ban is a locally applied ban, set by the server admin.

This can only be sorted out on the =HOG= forums with the appropriate server admin.

Your issue is nothing to do with anything PBBans related.

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Well tell me where the server admins might have missed somehting if they did, this is what they did;

Checked my GUID against the ban list (they had me log into another server of thiers to get it), I wasnt on the ban list

The built me into the server ban list with my guid, and then removed from the ban list, still no good

Tried banning me from another server of thiers, and it worked, then Unbanned me, and I could get back into that one.

Here is a weird thing though. I was banned in 8jul12, approx 1630 (est), it gave me that message, I immediately hit reconnect (1634) (some stupid reason), and I got back on and played ont he server till 0130 on 9jul12?? (with the game manager red) ??


Still shwoing the ban

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