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I have a question concerning yawspeed, the last few days I've had players connect and their y.s. is like this: [03.11.2006 15:39:54] VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001: real (slot #2) Cvar cl_yawspeed = 50.000001. What I'm wondering is if there is anything I should be looking out for with players that do this? Maybe hit 'em with a pbss?

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pb_sv_cvar cl_yawspeed IN 0 140

pb_sv_cvar cl_pitchspeed IN 0 140


These restrictions counter some "mortar bot" scripts which have been made to essentially automate the targeting with the mortar. There are some other suspect uses of the cl_yaw/pitchspeed cvars but the mortar scripts are of most concern, and anyway the other things seem to be tackled between these restrictions and cl_freelook IN 0.


cl_pitchspeed sets the speed that the player looks up and down if using the keyboard keys for looking up and down, while cl_yawspeed sets the speed for looking left and right. However the commands for these keys, (+lookup, +lookdown, +left & +right) also work in scripts to automatically line up and set the angle of the mortar weapon. The scripts are not particularily straightforward to use, for example they only work from set positions and have to start from the correct angle and whatnot, requires the user to tweak for their FPS settings, plus they are also inflexible in that of course they will only target the pre-made target locations.


With free reign over cl_pitchspeed and cl_yawspeed, the mortar bots can be fairly reliable, fast to target and quite deadly. The scripts can be defeated entirely by only allowing these cvars to have the value of 0, and this is currently used in European leagues. I've relaxed the reccomendation here to allow between 0 and the default of 140 because some players do like to play the mortar one-handed on a ciggy break, for example, and the maximum speed of 140 still makes the mortar scripts less reliable (and crucially, at least as slow as a human, yet still nowhere near as flexible and skilled as a talented mortar player).


Further, 140 being in the allowed range means it will not be a problem as a Punkbuster-enforced restriction: 140 is the default value and so if 140 is not allowed then players would have to manually change their settings or be kicked from the server. When using ETPro to restrict cvars then going with the League's restriction of 0-only is more palatable, since ETPro will force cvars into the allowed range and there's no problems.


Update: cl_yawspeed and cl_pitchspeed are no longer useful restrictions if ETPro 3.2.0 is being used, as +lookup and +lookdown have been nuked. This resolves the above.


so in answer to your question Sandrock .. if you think script kiddies are invading your server .. use the tools at your disposal to limit their script capabilities :)

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