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Can you take a look at this for me to as I find it highly suspicious. Also this guy was tossing ammo packs down all the time and revived 2 players while in the same class..... He only died once and got revived so he never switched classes. I also think he was using an aimbot but I am not sure 100% as I have never used the AS-Val. Tell me what you think please. Dont have to watch it all, I am sure your more the experts then I am. Someone else said they saw him pick up the dead players pack so I must of missed it both times. Well just watch some anyway and see what you think. If any admin doesn't find anything wrong with it feel free to delete the thread after.



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Let me quote a few hours post in a similar topic:

The only video evidence we will comment on is recorded evidence of games that have an ingame demo facility, and then only recordings made on a streaming server and submitted via the proper procedure by the server admin.

This is because we are able to run various checks via streamed logs to guarantee authenticity of the recorded evidence.

Without the accompanying streamed log data, everything just becomes hearsay.


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Report profile on battlelog, include the video url as evidence, maybe include some battle reports. He might get a stat reset. Best you can hope for im afraid.

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