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BF3 Colour Tweaker


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lol sorry dudes, I was alt-tabbing between two forums at the same time on my Galaxy S Advance.


My intention WAS to post here, I just named you GGC by accident.Please accept my apology. :)


For some reason I can't edit my first post to correct 'GGC' to 'PBBans', can you do it for me please?


EDIT: @Buff, I'm asking about Realmware's BF3 Colour Tweaker.Has nothing to do with infamous 'Battlefield 3 Tweaker' which can be used to make cheats.

Realmware's BF3 Colour Tweaker is there only to disable colour grade and to mess with RGB colours, saturation and other fine stuff.

You can't access game files through it nor you can edit them and violate EA DICE terms of use/service, it's like having in-game colour panel and it's there only to modify colours.

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