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pbbans.com DDosed By Kevinos


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Hey Readers as you saw on Tek9 and TZAC Deadc0de was under a DDos attack


First here some informations about the DDoser


Name: AR51Kevinos aka Kevin Bussens

xFire: area51kevinos

Skype: area51kevinos

Steam: ar51kevinos2

Country: France

Website: _http://ar51.eu

IP: (Bad that you forgot the IP Resolvers :D)


His DDos Method


The Most Attackers use some Strong HTTP Botnets with tousand of infected Computers (like me)

But he used an Flooder with some multiple Proxy IPs

how i know that ?

[06/Nov/2012:15:24:35 +0100] "POST /forum/register.php HTTP/1.1 (Got that information from an Trustet Friend)

Just some Kiddys with 0 experience attack the Domain instand of the Server IP itself

So Deadc0de easly blocked them via Firewall (He still try to attack the site lolz)


anyway to Kevinos whats about an 30GBPS Real DDos attack to _http://ar51.eu ?

Im sure your OVH server will go down ahaha xD


Regards MrHangUp (TZAC Server is Still under DDos Attack and never come back to Chapa blocking UDP and limit TCP Connection cant stop it :D)






His info here is


[email protected]

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Wow what a douche bag... Did he get banned or something? Or does he own the *^^ site that got busted AGAIN!!! lmao. I swear that site has been detected like 8 times in 2 months hahahahaha and now I see they are handing out global GUID bans YES!!!!!!! Please EB do that for ALL cheaters!!. :clapsmiley:

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Did he get banned or something?


He sure did, a long time ago.



We suspended his team and got this:



He just can't seem to let it go.

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All the people who attack PBBans and other anti-cheat communities using DDoS attacks don't understand. If we go down there are other streaming services admins use as backups. If they also go down there is PunkBuster itself which in the last few years has been issuing many more Global GUID Bans. Finally there are game developers directly banning accounts.


Taking us down for a few minutes, hours or days isn't going to cause us to call it a day and quit. In fact it just motivates us even more to continue. Also topic pinned.

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Ha, Thanks Maydax

This dude seems to be a real Asshat.

Keep up the Awesome work PBBans, all you punks out there, well to quote a famous band "Get In The Ring" HooaH

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We do have an entire folder about cybersonic and kevinos. We got attacked many times. I posted somewhere in the forum a list of banned guids used to attack the servers (taking all slots). Adding these guids in the ban.txt somehow prevents the attack. I don't know how but this works.

For the Kevinos and Cybersonic (father), we prepared files to suit the action. At this time, kevinos was not 18 yo. Now he is and responsible of his acts. Glad to know that both are not PB members.



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