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The MarkC Windows 8 + 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix


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such Answer. know that developers against changes! but these changes are not in the game, and the operating system, what do you say? use of the Introduction may reveal your defense? will be for a global block, or just a kick from the server?


Anything PB related re this issue will have to be discussed with Even Balance staff via a troubleticket.

PBBans is not affiliated to Even Balance in any way.


EB staff have already stated;

11/29/2012 15:52:45 - "Alex J"

Note #2: Modifications not intended by the game developer/publisher can be seen as cheating and may be banned for.


You will need to contact the game developer/publisher to find out what game modifications are acceptable for use.

Now everyone who reads this topic knows as much as you do re the topic title, no one here can expound any further on an issue that may, or may not be, a problem, because no one here is in full receipt of all the relevant facts ...only the game developer/publisher is.

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It's just a bunch of registry tweaks. Nothing is installed anywhere. I highly doubt EvenBalance is going to start banning for registry changes. Especially as everyone's registry is different.

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Here you go.


On the left you have MarkC's tweaks. And on the right you have my registry settings exported...




There are two ways to change these values. Either through the mouse control panel applet or via the registry itself. No way in hell are EvenBalance going to start banning for mouse sensitivity. I'd bet a pack of cookies on it.

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