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Maydax ---> Time For The Snow!


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+1 to butt :)

yay me! thx

not sure if you mean to Buttscrtacher or Taz's post :o

Yeah scrooge, urrm, I mean Taz, needs "an attitude of gratitude".


But yeah, I always enjoy the holiday theme on the PBbans website. My winter is starting out as a repeat of last year, as in, no winter... Highs in the mid 70's, trees still holding their leaves, and grasshoppers still chewing up the roses.


Need my yearly reminder that its actually holiday time :P

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Snow on the background is there now.


Guess it must be related to the issue I am having w/ the site sigs & the site in general, but I finally have some extra snow :)


Thank you. I always enjoy how you set up the site for the holidays.

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-25C is -13F so that is pretty cold


we have had frost a grand total of 4 times so far....


At least is wasn't 2010 when Georgia declared state of emergency when Atlanta had icy roads for almost a week. :P


Besides, I camped in -10 degree Fahrenheit weather before. 2007 Valley Forge Winter Encampment!!!!!!!! :D


Oh look, more snow on side banners!!!! :D


We need blinking Xmas lights and animated snow MaydaX. :D

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