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Need PBSV.cfg


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I would like someone that runs a server for this game to send me a NON Altered pbsv.cfg. Only do this for me if you are confident that you will not disturb or overwrite your current pbsv.cfg which you can do very easily. What you would need to do is remove the pbsv.cfg you have on your server save it in a safe place the tell PB to write a new .cfg by typing pb_sv_writecfg. Download the pbsv.cfg and PM me with it. Before you send it to me rename it the following way:


Eample’s: SOF2pbsv.cfg, COD2pbsv.cfg, RTCWpbsv.cfg, FEARpbsv.cfg, CODUOpbsv.cfg.


Thank You!

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hello i have messed up my pb config file pbsv.cfg by trying to run GGC stream and i would like a unmodified version of this file if possible.


The files i replaced or uploaded for ggc are as follows :-







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