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banned on cod2


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Hello all.

Before 2 or 3 days I got banned on PBBans i guess.

So I was playing ClanBase for 2 years and i never used any hacks.

Before some time i was playing ClanBase without any probelms.My PB Guid is clean Tzac is clean. It worked everything perfect.I wasn't even banned on GV STREAM.I don't know how i got banned so please help me so i can play clanbase with my team.Only I have this CD-key and no body else.

Here is my PBGUID & Tzac

CoD2 PB guid: ****e323adb7 TZAC GUID: 00101563


Before running PBBans (when GV was on) I played ClanBase without any problems.


(Sorry about my bad English)

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Before we go into any specifics, why are you posting up about a pbguid that has been used by players from Turkey and Croatia and raised a cheat violation back on November 9, 2009


pbguid 70bc805e43bdbedfc0865241e323adb7 was last seen trying to enter a PBBans protected server March 28, 2013 at 0809pm by a Croatian player with an IP of


You joined a PBBans protected server with a clean pbguid March 28, 2013 at 0822pm with the same IP as what your posting on this forum with.


Sooo ... whats the deal ?

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I started playing clanbase in 2010 and i wasn't really hacking or anything else really and i do not use any hacks.I bought this key in 2010 from one guy and maybe he was using something.He said to me that this key (that i have now) is clean.I was never volating the ruls and i never used any hacks.So please can you unban me because i was playing regulary cb without any hacks.So please unban me.Please.


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