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Streaming Servers Won't Work


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I understand this may be in the wrong section, but I need some help! (Call of Duty 2) (Call of Duty 1)


I've tried to get both of these streaming, but it keeps saying they are not streaming! I've used the automated HUB setup and I'm not sure what I need to do! Can someone help please?

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Servers appear to be streaming just fine:


---------- Account Information ----------

Team: razRR (d`logics.)

Website: http://forums.team-dlogics.co.uk/

Account ID: 13702

Streaming Status: Streaming (2 / 2)


---------- Server List ----------

COD - (Streaming)

COD2 - (Streaming)


I would say they may have been in the queue waiting to be approved by admin which is checked and done throughout the day.

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You need to familiarize yourself with our procedures.

There are a lot more security related checks at PBBans than anywhere else, one of which is this;

1. You request additional servers to be added to your team account.

2. The servers enter a queue.

3. A PBBans staff member runs security checks on the servers.

4. If all checks out ok the final addition is made by the PBBans staff member.


Please be aware of the colour coding when you check server additions.

You would have recognized instantly that both your servers were tagged "Server is awaiting admin approval"

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