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noobeys hacking...when will it change


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If you want your server to be as protected as possible against these idiots is to stream your server/s to pbbans. Although having default PB on will stop some things unless you've got the pbsv.cfg's to go with it allot of other things will get past that. If an when you decide to stream you will get access to more information so you can protect your servers. Finally if you want to stream please update your profile's additional information etc. I hope you join us :)

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(I.C.E) AcE is quite correct m8 .. PB is a damn fine piece of anti cheat software,the best there is, but it needs a little help to keep on top of released hacks .. we do our best to ensure that PBBans has the latest information for all PB supported games to make servers streaming to us as cheat free as is possible :)


check the link below if your interested in keeping your server as cheat free as possible



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