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Ban Appeal i-Kappi-i


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I come to you with an error I am banished to the place of another Kappi for quite some time.

That is all the explanation https://metabans.net/showthread.php?762 ... ned! Kappi-

looked at the item 3 EBastard because I have a little too lazy to rewrite all especially since I'm no English =)


Thank you in advance for your help =)

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Ok thank you for your help

you confirm that my account "I-Kappi-I" is not banned on Punkbuster server but on Metaban of meters or cheat? Because I doubt seeing Cheating / Hacking (GGC / PBBans).


Thank you again for your help and good continuation.

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The ban you appealed was a ban raised by a German guy using an alias that you have used in the past.

Your pbguid is clean and there are no bans associated to you or your pbguid.

The appeal you made on the German guys pbguid has been deleted as per our Standard Operating Procedure.

This leaves the path clear for the German cheater to make an appeal if he wants to.

We do realize that the only reason you appealed a ban that was nothing to do with you, was after receiving crap advice from a metabans forum member.


Your issue is the result of some metabans noob who did not check out anything before jumping to assumptions.

Feel free to use this post in any communication that you have ongoing with metabans.

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