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Banned for nothing


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Hello folks,


recently I am facing issues with joining servers on Battlefield 3 that are streaming to PBBans.


Game disconnected: you have been banned from this server. Stated reason: guid



^ That is the most recent Kick-Message I got when I joined this server. On one server I got a message stating something like "@pervy2high". I don't know what it means apart from that it has something to do with your streaming service.


My Battlelog Profile: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/notBao/stats/247764139/

The last 5 digits of my GUID would have to be: 536e5

Apparently, there is no ban with this GUID recorded in your system, but I still cannot join servers that are streaming to PBB.


For example I get refused to join this server, which is streaming to PBB: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/pc/8071fe68-aa69-45e2-a8a4-8a83ddd62aa4/2142-BrigGens-K1-CQB-24-7-No-C4/


Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate your support regarding cheaters and such, but I have no clue why I am banned and neither I can tell when it happened. It just appeared on one server, but when I joined a second and a third I was noticing the same message.


I'd really appreciate some help regarding this concern.





PS - By the way, I have already sent a appeal ticked regaring my ban a while ago, but received no answer.

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I can find no ban on our systems that pertains to you.

You will have to contact the server admin and ask why you are banned, or find another server to play on.


If you opened a ticket what is the ticket url ?

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Can't find any bans on record for your GUID anywhere.

[06.24.2013 14:29:44] ->PBSV: New Connection (slot #19) 80.149...:3659 [?] "notBao" (seq 3817477)

[06.24.2013 14:29:44] ->PBSV: Player GUID Computed ...5f0536e5(-) (slot #19) 80.149...:3659 notBao

[06.24.2013 14:29:44] ->PBSV: Lost Connection (slot #19) 80.149...:3659 ...5f0536e5(-) notBao


Nothing to do with us.


Try joining this server:



See what it says.

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Thanks for the answers, problem is solved now.


Apparently I was mistaking with my guess on a ban from your system. Pervy2high is actually an admin who I just contacted. We're all fine now, my ban will be lifted as it was probably a mistake.


Sorry for the inconvenience I may have caused to you ;)





PS - Thread can be closed, thanks.

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