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NSA Has Backdoor Windows Key


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Microsoft has just confirmed that the NSA has been spying on our PCs since Windows95 through hidden drivers in our systems.


The security specialists have identified the driver as ADVAPI.DLL. It enables and controls a variety of security functions. The specialists say that in Windows, it is located at C:\\Windows\system32


Written article:



Video summery (for those who hate to read)


For extra proof, here's an article made in 1999:


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And yet I see no mass dropping in windows usage statistics. I guess it's like: oh well theyre spying on everyone else as well so why give a f*ck, and to a country that seems to be aiming at invading privacy as much as theyre able to it must be the utopia of police state wet dreams. So yeah, why would we give a f*ck at all..On the other hand NSA has written code for linux as well and since that's open source it would be even easier to modify it to their needs. Sometimes i just get this 'we're doomed' feeling, is that just me or does any of you get that too.. xD


lol the word f*ck came out moderated as i was posting it. YES WE SCAN! haha :)

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