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help ! plz

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My name is [bossman][email protected]

My pb guid is: ***************************


I dont understand I play every days at Sof2 with no problems , an today Pb kick

me on UWC|server and they kicked me PB violation

of June 16, 2005 at 12:09 pm



Extra Info Cvar gcg_aimpoint = 2.5 what is it?? parameters change??


with my alias RAID|JUN~GLE. ????

I buy the game, and i have only one licence, one key


Please can you answer me because i never cheat or do something like this,

i create clan servers for my last team RAID| and now for my new team [bossman],


the ligue of france dont want my inscription because i am in this PBBAN list now

(today) for a violation since 1 year.


Please can u resolve my problem.


Best regards


[email protected]


Ps: sorry for my english,i'm french.


I contact support of evenbalance and they said me that:


This is not a global PunkBuster ban, but a ban from the group

PBBans.com. You will need to get in touch with the folks there.

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