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2 tickets y sin respuesta


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Hace 3 o 4 dias envie un mensaje apelando el ban que me habian puesto con pruebas y todo, hasta ahora no he recibido ningun tipo de respuesta, ayer envie otro y lo mismo.


Que debo hacer?


Gracias de antemano.


Un saludo.

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I can't give you the link, but my guid is ( 2aba8110 ).


I send two messages "Appeal this ban" and i have no reply. In the first message i sent i put the evidences that was not me.


then..I have to do?



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COD4 leaked key that has been used in Spain / Israel / Poland / and Canada.

A player from Israel used the pbguid to cheat with;


The ban has never been appealed via the PBBans appeal system, and even if it was the appeal would be denied.



Buy a genuine retail copy of COD4 of your very own and share the game cd key with no one.

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Yes i can buy another cd key, but in ESL i am banned because the player from Israel use cheats, no was me.


I sent ticket in ESL, they say me contact here with you.


Well, as i say in the first ticket..In February I stop play cod4 / ESL. You can see in my profile xfire or ask admins in ESL for look my statistics. The player banned is from Israel, i am from Spain,


Xfire: http://www.xfire.com/profile/todfurious

ESL: http://www.esl.eu/es/player/4872562/


Really i don't understand this, i am banned without playing cod4?


I need some solution for this because this is unfair.


P.D Sorry for my english.



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Your issue is twofold.


1. You have been using a leaked key/pbguid to play with that subsequently triggered a cheat related cvar violation by a player from Israel.

2. ESL have banned that particular leaked key/pbguid from playing in their league/ladders.


Both issues are nothing at all to do with PBBans.

Contact someone from ESL and copy/paste both of my responses to you, ask for an explanation of why you are banned by ESL.

From what I can gather, ESL have banned a pbguid that was used to cheat with and not you specifically.

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I think you don't understand me.


First i contact with ESL. (Copy&Paste)






I stop playing cod4 and ESL in February for reasons to travel.


You can see in my profile xfire or just look my statistics in versus cod4.




Then you banned me when i am off in game and esl?


This is ridiculous. I hope you give me an explanation and solution for fix this.




Admin on ticket:


Hello F u r i o u S - OFF,


your GUID is on the banlist of our Streamingpartner PBbans (http://www.pbbans.com/). Thats why you have been barred for 6 months.


Get in touch with PBbans, if you think the ban is not your fault. They'll decide if its or its not your fault and inform us about the decision.


Best regards,

lil'sis, ESL Admin




The problem is that I have not played 6 months and the player from Israel is banned in July


I have my cd-key long time, then I do not know how he knew my cd key.

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Well, and what about this? He stole my cd key and now i am blame? I need a solution for this.

How do you figure it's your cd key ?


PBGUID 44c997835e77cffb26817b252aba8110 was first seen July 19, 2009 by a player based in Canada ..... it was last seen July 18, 2013 by a player based in Israel.

The player from Israel used pbguid 44c997835e77cffb26817b252aba8110 to cheat with and was subsequently banned.

In between those 2 dates, pbguid 44c997835e77cffb26817b252aba8110 has been used by players from 2 other countries (Poland and Spain)


PBBans are under no obligation what so ever to inform ESL of anything.

As far as I am aware ESL are not part of our supported leagues group

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