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complete noob - how do i update MCI ?


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lol this admin stuff is stressfull work :mellow:


how do i update the MCI ?


please it in caveman terms ;) B)

Are you wanting to update Via PBBans Admin Tool (PAT)/Jpat or manually update ?
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Its your pbsv.cfg file. D/L it , copy and paste, the upload it. Pretty simple. Always make a backup copy of the old one first though, just in case - lol.


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copy and paste into your pb_sv_cvar file on your server

not everyone uses a pb_sv_cvar file :P

some put all their cvar checks in their pbsv.cfg ( all of the Old MoC servers were setup this way )

just Like all of the old MoC servers we're also setup to load 2 banfiles one for local bans and one with cheater bans , this way you could easily locate & distinguish specific bans.

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